Manfred goes to Italy!

Well actually, he ‘went’ to Italy. After Cinekid in Amsterdam, Go short in Nijmegen & more, Manfred was screened at the 2011 Gifonni Film Festival in Italy, and I forgot all about it. I was proud to be screened there together with shorts from some of Holland’s best 2d animators, Frodo kuijpers & Joost Lieuwma. So if you were at the festival around that week, and visited the Short Link program, tell me how it was!

2 thoughts on “Manfred goes to Italy!”

  1. Thank you for the space in your blog!!!
    Please contact me urgently. I have to give you the awb number of the beta because dhl has problem to find you. Unfortunately I don’t have your mail with me so I try to contact you in this way. All the best, Antonia

  2. Hello Antonia,

    Everything went fine, the package arrived at the address I provided. Thanks for the booklet. How was the festival? Too bad I couldn’t attend it.



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