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Manfred finished and going on an internet journey!

I am truly happy that I finished my graduation movie. It is well received thus far and it got me a Bachelor in art & technology (not in ‘design’ like i first posted on my website).

I’m really proud that Manfred is selected for the 2010 children’s film festival ‘Cinekid‘ in the category ‘Nederlands kort’. You can check it out somewhere between the October 20 and October the 29.

You can watch it and find more information on My site, on Vimeo or on Youtube (I want to do it thoroughly;))!

A special thanks to lois van Baarle, 3dtotal.com, 3dHype.com, lester banks, Keith Lango, sehsucht.de and percy tienhooven for forwarding so much people to my work!

P.s. Still looking for a job and/ or freelance work!

‘Manfred’ finally finished but not quite yet!

I finally finished my short graduation movie! After my exam I found some mistakes that need to be taken care of (nitpicking me). After I’m a 100% done I’ll post the final movie and some progress videos of the composites! But for now some stills! Enjoy!


My very professional superstar girlfriend Lois van Baarle drew the logo mascot. A stylish and detailed 2d rendering of Manfred, scary!!